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Equine Gestalt Coaching 

Through this unique method of Gestalt Coaching, I stand with you, shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart as you silence the trolls and empower your inner guides. Partnering with the horses, I will guide you through the Equine Gestalt Coaching process along with the ultimate coach - a horse. You will never forget the answers found with the help of these incredible souls. Sessions begin in the stall barn, meeting the horses and settling into the work. Release the parts of you that are hindering or downright hurting you behind and leave feeling shifted, clear, and empowered. An assistant may be present during session. No horse experience necessary and we will NOT ride the horses. New clients will partner with the Beyond the Horse herd only. 


1 hour, 30 minutes. Investment in your future: $275


Chakra Balancing with the Horses

Our Chakras are energy centers for all of our emotions...those that lift and serve us as well as those which are heavy and do not serve us. Our Chakras experience an imbalance or disordered flow of energy when we have unfinished business in our lives. And if you're human, like me, we have unfinished business! From childhood traumas to dealing with the stressors of current life, we can flat out get disordered and experience the physical ailments that follow this energetic imbalance. The horses are GIFTED chakra balancers and the true masters of reiki (energy work). There's no human ego involved in this work, instead pure connection from horse to you. Your session will include chakra work from the herd. This work may have some side effects: you may get present to your environment and your body, you may get some deep connection with a horse, and you may bring into your awareness some unfinished business that is causing disordered chakras. No Gestalt Coaching or deep process work will be completed, you'll need to go all in with an Individual Session for that!

45 minutes. Investment in your Emotional IQ: $85


Couples Equine Gestalt Session

As you grow and change, your partnerships may or may not follow suit. Gift yourselves clarity, compassion, re-connection, peace, or learn to co-parent apart in a way that your children's children will know and feel as a blessing. Sessions will begin in the stall barn and will include horses. Custom packages available upon request.


4 hours. Investment in your commitment: $625


Phone Coaching & Consultation

Designed specifically for past and current clients or TBAH students. You must have completed an individual session or been a member of a women's group to utilize this service. 

Sometimes we get stuck and unsure of what to do or where to go. Life happens, with or without our permission. In this deep dive coaching call, Anna will assist you in getting back on track with your goals and out of the slump you are in. Have questions that you can't seem to find the answers to? Anna will help you find what your truths are and get inspired to take action. This is a great option in between coaching sessions. Gestalt inspired. 

TBAH students: this service is appropriate for you for business/practice development and consultation. 


50 minutes. Investment in you: $65

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