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2023 Options

Retreats (BYOHorse)

#1: Sunday, July 23 - Friday July 28  Hill City, SD

#2 Monday, September 25 - Friday, September 29 Medora, ND

Workshops/Mini Series (no horse needed)

Youth Session: June 19 -23

Women's TBD October 2023

A Hero's Journey

This workshop is a journey of self-discovery. And in true Beyond the Horse fashion, we will stand shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart alongside horses as we take an adventure to find our authentic selves. This workshop is for horsewomen and non-horsewomen alike. The only horse requirement is that you come with an open heart that is ready to be guided by the most beautiful beings on the planet: our equine companions. 

We all know that life is full of ups and downs. There is joy and there is pain. There is ease and there is downright struggle. Throughout our lives there are lightening strike moments that happen with or without our permission or consent that often leave us with lasting negative impacts. The aftermath of life's negative moments can build resilience AND it can also create defenses within us that negatively impact us. We carry our life's story of events, along with the residual negative side effects, upon our shoulders, hearts and minds. The side effects of the negative parts of life can leave us feeling inferior, alone, misunderstood and inauthentic. We all have road blocks keeping us from showing up as our authentic selves in our lives. A Hero's Journey Retreat is designed to help us move away from the negative and take off some of our armor. We than can move toward joy, ease, grace, abundance, connectedness, wholeness, peacefulness and happiness.

The horses will accompany us as we take a journey in self-discovery and will guide us to awareness, self-appreciation and respect AND SO MUCH MORE! Along the way, we will gather tools for repairing the parts of us that created negative defenses in our past as well as learn applicable strategies for our future to feel better, communicate better, and be more of who we authentically are and long to be. We will experience and learn things along this journey that our past selves were begging for and our future selves will be so grateful to have in their toolbelts.


What would your past or younger self have given to feel unstoppable, loveable, worthy and full of empowered ability? Mine would have given anything. And now I'm so grateful to be able to share these gifts with you!

This workshop is an opportunity for you to dig deep and start your journey towards living your most authentic life! This retreat offers you a ticket to a journey towards becoming your best self. And girl, she wants nothing more than for you to take the time to do your work to heal and grow and shift and show the F up in this one wild and precious life you have.

This workshop is an investment in your future. An investment in your life! It is meant to be a gift to your future self. It's the best chance you can give yourself to actually show up for the life you want to live.


Image by Casey Horner


Space is VERY LIMITED. There is only room for 6 women in this unique experience.


I desire to have like-minded women experience this life shifting journey with me. I want you to join me if you are ready to dig deep and learn about yourself. If you need to learn how to do real self care and are looking for a step by step guide to take the guess work out of how to achieve that, this is your workshop. If you are stuck and no longer want to be, this workshop is for you. If you are in a need of a big dose of self-empowerment, this workshop is for you. If you know that it's time to take the time to learn ways to grow and heal and shift and be the best damn version of you there is, this workshop is for you.

Investment in YOU

This workshop offers you an opportunity to make an investment in your future self. This investment impacts your happiness, joy, awareness, self worth and so much more. This investment is truly for you and is only available to you if you choose it. You have an opportunity to give yourself what you need

$100 donation from each reservation to Lauren's Legacy, see more information below


Lauren Munger (with Smokey Lonesome), Creator of A Hero's Journey with Horses

 Lauren was a professional in the field of psychology and healing for most of her life. She had a private practice working with children and adults for decades. She was the founder and creator of A Hero’s Journey self-esteem workshops which she owned and operated in Boulder, Colorado throughout the eighties and nineties. Lauren was also a colleague of mine, a certified practitioner in the Equine Gestalt Method of coaching. 

 Lauren's Legacy was devised and established by a cohort of Gestalt Coaching Method practitioners who desired to continue to share Lauren's amazing work. She created A Hero's Journey with Horses in the 1980's and touched thousands of lives in her work. I was lucky enough to be trained in her method and am honored to share it with those who I can. Lauren's method pairs wonderfully with the Gestalt Coaching method that I practice at Beyond the Horse. 

A portion of all proceeds from A Hero's Journey trainings offered through Beyond the Horse will be donated to Lauren's Legacy to support her work and her family.

The donation feels small in comparison to the amazing gift that Lauren has shared with the world.

Lauren's Legacy will be managed through Pegasus Bridge to Wellness. The mission of Pegasus Bridge is to provide equine-partnered coaching and facilities to guide at-risk and under-served populations toward greater self-awareness by empowering them through experiential insight. Please visit the website to learn more and to donate if your heart chooses to do so.

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