You know where you are now, but where are you headed?

We knew that 2020 was going to be a heckova year but I'm not sure any of us were prepared for that KIND OF YEAR! I don't know about you, but my year brought me some really high highs and some really low lows. The last few months have left me reflective...what did I experience in 2020? What came into fruition? What didn't? Who did I meet and who did I part ways with? What was important for me to hold onto in 2020 and what did I let go of? And of course I'm thinking about the sh*t that I'm still trying to get rid of! 

You know where you are RIGHT NOW. Like, you freaking are highly aware of what's working and especially aware of what isn't working. But do you know where exactly you are headed? My vision workshops are all about getting a clear picture of your destination. They are about getting the feelings attached to that future you of 2021. We let our hair down and DREAM BIG. And no, it isn't easy...sometimes you need a guide. Or a coach. That's where the horses and I come it. We will do a little releasing, a bunch of manifestation, and a whole lotta creation.

The horses helped me with my very first vision and I want to share that with you!

If you've met me, you know the place of importance my written vision has in my life. I review it often and work actively to bring parts of that vision into my tangible reality. My "Arena of Dreams" was once roughly drawn on a piece of scratch paper and today I get to share that vision with everyone who walks into the barn. Wow, vision is POWERFUL!

If you haven't met me or my herd of healing horses, let me tell you something....horses make EVERYTHING better! Being the presence of horses allows us to get grounded. Grounding brings us into touch with all of our senses (not just the few you learn about in kindergarten, but ALL of them). We gain clarity, we step into an abundance mindset, and we can access the parts of us that manifest our future. 

In this workshop, you will:
  • Reflect on 2020, celebrating what was amazing and recognizing what won't serve you as you move forward

  • Create your own personalized vision board to take home with you

  • Learn about ways to actively turn your board into your reality

  • Nuzzle a muzzle and breathe in the horses as you manifest your 2021 and BEYOND!

What to bring:

All supplies will be included to create your 2021 vision board. However, bringing some of your favorite magazines is a great idea, especially if you have unique hobbies/interests that you want included on your board. You can also bring pictures of yourself, your loved ones, and other images and words that inspire and energize you (but make sure you're willing to cut and paste them onto a board). 

Light refreshments will be provided. Our barn is kept at a comfortable 60 degrees (comfortable for our horses that is!) so you may want to dress in layers and wear boots that keep your toes warm. Barn fashion is always a topic of discussion and laughter around here! 


No horse experience necessary and we will not ride the horses. 18+ only.

3 dates to choose from:

Wednesday, December 16th 6 -9 pm  OR   Saturday, December 19th 1-4 pm  OR   Sunday, December 20th 1-4 pm

All will be held at our ranch which is located 7 miles north of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. More details will be emailed after registration.

Investment in YOUR future: $65. Space is EXTREMELY limited. Sign up early to save your spot.
Thanks to 2020 (sarcasm inserted here) we are limiting 6 per workshop.
Refund & Cancellation Policy:

The workshop fee is nonrefundable but is transferable to another person for this same event date. Register to guarantee your spot today! 

For more information call or email Anna (218) 841-6211