September 28 - October 2, 2020

Winston, New Mexico

 Head southwest, Cowgirl, and join me for a retreat like no other. We will explore the breathtaking and historic Geronimo Trail by horseback. Ride through the canyons with their gentle waters, immerse yourself in the wide open spaces of Gila National Forest, and get connected with your mind, body, and soul on this amazing retreat.   

Explore the Heart of the Gila National Forest


The Geronimo Trail Ranch will host us for this authentic New Mexico experience. The Gila National Forest is virtually untouched by modern man and allows for the ultimate cowGIRL experience. The ranch is located in the heart of the Gila National Forest and is the only ranch of its kind in The Land of Enchantment. Here, you’ll find 3.3 million acres of beautifully preserved forests and mountains.


There are no telephone wires or the sounds of honking horns, only endless Ponderosa pines, wondrous views of the Black Range Mountains, and a quiet so still that you can hear the approach of an eagle and the beat of the air beneath his wings. Large herds of elk frequent the meadows, streams, and lakes nearby. Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch has been featured in "The Trail Rider" and "New Mexico Magazine." It is the perfect setting for hosting this group of Cowgirls for a trip like no other.

The essence of New Mexico is serenity and natural beauty. The ranch is 85 miles from the nearest stoplight, allowing you to fall back into the serenity and peace of this retreat. The mountains and canyons evoke the heritage of the American southwest. They abound with relics of Native American societies who have gone before us. You will become deeply in touch with this land, the horses, your fellow cowgirls, as well as yourself as you experiences the gifts this retreat offers. 

Find Serenity in the wild of New Mexico


The Geronimo Trail Cowgirl's Retreat offers you an opportunity to UNWIND. Take a moment to breathe, to relax, and refocus on what brings you joy, peace, fulfillment, gratitude, strength, and clarity.


>>> Can you say "BUCKET LIST" or what?!? <<<

The ranch will be open privately and exclusively to this group. We will have private access to the ranch, the horses, and the land. Guests cabins are nestled within the ponderosa pines of the ranch. Cabins are cozy, comfortable, and close to the horses.


 Each cabin has charming western decor, comfortable beds and all are within sight of the horses and close to the lodge where we will gather to share 3 homemade meals each day, each one hearty and delicious with made from scratch desserts and prepared by our private Chef Fred. 


Connection is a cornerstone of this exclusive retreat. Friendships formed here last a lifetime and are truly a priceless bonus. Cowgirls leave the retreat forever shifted and connected to each other, the land, and their inner guides.

Amazing Horses - Riding and Partners in Transformational Work


New Mexico horseback riding doesn’t get any better than Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch. Unlike any other ranch in the world, here you are offered the opportunity to explore the varied terrain of the magnificent, 3.3 million-acre Gila National Forest.

Atop your good-natured horse, you’ll get an up-close view of the sweet-smelling, towering Ponderosa pines, the majestic mountain overlooks, the wide-open meadows, and deep canyons with crystal clear creeks. 

>>> This retreat is MORE than riding. <<<


In addition to the unforgettable riding, the retreat will unfold through heart-centered, unique, and transformational Equine Gestalt coaching. This isn't just your typical riding retreat, oh no cowgirl, it's so much more! You will experience the ultimate in self care through a deep, experiential process where the horses are our guides. Gestalt offers you a new way of knowing yourself. Of becoming deeply in touch with the parts of you that guide you to your biggest dreams, plans, and visions. We will meet as a group to witness the true gifts that horses offer - self development, discovery, and true healing.  Together, we will partner with the horses for self exploration and development. You will never forget the answers you discover alongside a 1,200 pound connected, insightful, and gifted horse. 


Through Equine Gestalt Coaching, you will connect with your inner guides and passions; letting go of what isn't serving you and reconnecting with your authenticity and soul. You will leave the retreat lighter, connected to your authentic self, and with an unforgettable new way of seeing the horses. Private sessions with Anna are available to book during your retreat. 

2018 Melisa Retreat (150).JPG

"As women we spend so much time in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We go go go and forget about taking the time to breathe, relax and get in touch with our surroundings and ourselves. Join me in New Mexico and get back in touch with serenity with the help of some amazing land and beautiful, healing horses."

-Anna Tietz, Creator of Beyond the Horse


"This was a journey and we didn't take it alone. We grew, we cried, we shared. 12 amazing, powerful women I will hold near and dear to my heart. The horses released us, put us in the present moment, and guided us. Anna is an amazing coach, she is a blessing in my life and I am so grateful for the Montana Cowgirl Retreat of 2019."

— Kayla T., Rogers, MN

Investment in YOU


During the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we loose touch with our passions. We carry our pains and limitations within our bodies and the impact of that is leaving us stressed, burdened, hurried and unable to slow down and take a breath. 

Our greatest gift in life are horses, they are the ones who give us just a moment of clarity. Upon their strong backs and weaved through their manes, they allow us to unwind and release our worries and frustrations.  For within those brief moments with them, we can feel our authentic selves again. 

But when we leave the side of these precious horses, we again pick up the heaviness of our burdens. How can we free ourselves once and for all and get back to who we are?

The answer to that is found by experiencing Gestalt with the horses.

In my twenties  and early thirties I found myself stressed , close to professional burnout, at a loss for what brought passion into my life, and afraid to set out on this big, great idea that I hoped would make a difference in the world. I stumbled upon (well, let's get real: nothing happens without a reason) Equine Gestalt Coaching and it changed my life. Through the help of a coach and horse, I was able to finally release the things that were not serving me and step into my authentic self.


Now, as a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach, I combine my love of riding, wide open spaces, and my love of healing through the help of horses through these amazing women's retreats. And I strive to make a difference in the lives of women, who like me, are ready to step into authenticity. Women who are curious enough to experience the healing power of horses.

I invite you to join me on this adventure and discover the possibilities through the eyes of a horse.

>>> If not now, when? <<<

Registration includes:

All meals, lodging, Equine Gestalt Coaching, daily horseback rides, ranch activities, taxes and service fees.

Our retreats fill quickly, I encourage you to apply today.

Cowgirl, I know this experience is speaking to you and I want nothing more to share this in 2020 with YOU.

I am only offering 8 spots in this retreat. HOLD YOUR HORSES, LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN -- ONLY 8!

If New Mexico is calling your name, here's what you need to do:

Step #1 - Apply

Please review Terms & Conditions

This retreat is extremely limited. As this retreat is designed by a cowgirl, for a cowgirl I am looking for cowgirls who are comfortable riding on the open trail. I recommend that you are comfortable loping outside of an arena and are under 240 pounds. Complete the application along with a $200 deposit. If you are selected, your deposit will be applied to your 2020 retreat. If not, you will be refunded your payment along with a customized plan for getting yourself in Cowgirl shape and ready to join us in 2021. 

2020 retreat is FULL! Apply to be added to the waitlist.

Step #2 - Customize your Terms

I offer several choices for payment. 

Option #1 - Pay in Full 

Investment: $2,675

Pay in full to SAVE $$ and peace of mind.


Option #2 - Split Payment into 2

Investment: 2 equal payments of $1,450

1st payment due 7 days after application acceptance, Final due June 26, 2020

Option #3 - Split Payment into 5

Investment: 5 equal payments of $620

1st payment due 7 days after application acceptance, Final due June 26, 2020

Each option reflects the application fee deducted from total cost.

Step #3 - Pack your Bags

Shine up your boots, pack your bags and get ready for the trip of a lifetime! All details will be emailed including packing suggestions and guest list 90 days prior to retreat. Retreat goers will secure their own transportation to and from the ranch and often share rides.