You've heard that you "cannot give from an empty cup". You've heard this before, again and again, but it doesn't matter. You give because what other choice do you have? Who will take care of him if not you?  Who will make sure her needs are met? Who will call the insurance companies? Schedule the appointments? Get a hold of the team? Pay the bills? Do the laundry? Do ALL THE THINGS?

But juggling your loved one's needs is taking a toll. You're exhausted. Physically, mentally and emotionally. 

This workshop is for:
  • Parents of a child with a disability
  • Caregivers of spouse or parent with dementia 
  • Spouse of partner who has disability resulting from accident
  • Survivors of a loss due to disability, diagnosis or accident 
  • Providers, case managers, program aides, teachers, police officers or TR4HS program partners.

This workshop is as much for your loved one as it is for you. It's a chance for you to catch your breath. Release what isn't serving you. And recharge your heart and soul. You may tell yourself you can't commit to 2 days...know this, you can't maintain this much longer. You cannot give your loved one the care they need if you don't take care of YOU TOO.

If you're: 
  • Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or drained.
  • Unsure of your next, best step.
  • Experiencing a decrease in your patience and tolerance.
  • Avoiding your loved one, family or friends. 
  • Experiencing angry or sad outburst. 
  • Feeling cynical.
  • Having feelings of hopelessness.
  • Experiencing heightened anxiety.
  • Struggling to get everything done that you need to do.

If you've experienced any of the feelings or situations above, this workshop is for you. 

What to expect:

We are going to dig deep into the method of Equine Gestalt Coaching. While partnering with horses, Anna will guide you through the process of releasing what is no longer serving you. Filling your cup and reconnecting with the parts of you that help you remain in abundance, love, connection and advocacy from the heart. 

I know your schedule is insane. I know it's seemingly impossible to take a few hours or a full day away from your loved one. But darling, YOU NEED THIS and so does your loved one. You need to give yourself the gift of recharging in order to continue. You need to quiet those nasty trolls of anxiety and overwhelm and the horses and I need the time to get you in the flow. So I'm going to ask you take a deep breath, stand at the edge of uncertainty over committing to this weekend and JUMP! Jump for you, jump for your loved one, jump for the you of today and the you that is yet to be.


So here's the details: 

Saturday, February 22nd 10-5:30 
Sunday, February 23rd 10-3:00.
The workshop will be offered at TR 4 Heart & Soul's indoor arena, outside of Bismarck, ND.  Specific details will be emailed upon registration. 
Investment in YOUR heart and soul: $275  
If funding impacts your ability to attend this workshop, please complete this application. We are working diligently to provide funding for those who are in need. If you would like to sponsor an anonymous attendee, please contact Katie and we will gladly accept your donation. 
The workshop is limited to 10. Attendance is adults only, 18+ who are currently or have been a caregiver. Register to guarantee your spot today! For more information call or email Anna (218) 841-6211
The workshop fee is nonrefundable unless your space can be filled. Workshop is fully transferable to another caregiver.
So why are we offering this? 
The amazing Katie Oakland from TR 4 Heart & Soul and I are coming back together to partner for this amazing workshop. We were students together at UMC and never knew that both of us would one day step into the arena of healing hearts, souls, relationships and self. We recently reconnected (after a few years of mutual Facebook stalking) and shared parts of our visions that included caring for the hearts and souls of both children with disabilities and their families/caregivers. We are both passionate about working WITH horses to provide the healing for others' hearts and souls. 
Can't make it to the workshop but still interested in learning more about Equine Gestalt Coaching? Join us at TR4HS for an introduction to the method Friday night 5-8 pm. More info here.